The Secret Sauce To Auto Transport Pricing

Red Lamborghini Urus being loaded for enclosed transport service

You would think car shipping price is simple, XXX miles for $XX per mile and Wooalaa! Nope, that’s not the case…Many factors affect the pricing structure of moving your vehicle. The car hauling industry studies have shown that the average cost of shipping can’t be square at a rate per mile across the board, too […]

How To Prepare My Car For Shipping

Auto transport driver handing over your car keys

8 Tips That Will Help You Get Ready Before Shipping Your Car Cross-Country. Are you relocating your car? It’s always very confusing on what you can leave in your car during shipping, or should i fuel up before the carrier picks up. Don’t make these simple mistakes as some could potentially cost you. Door to […]

Cast Wheels Or Forged Wheels, Choose them Wisely

european car

Next upgrade, Wheels… What about those nice copies from a no name brand you found on ebay or alibaba for half the price? Understanding how rims are made is important, the quality of their manufacturing, the combination of metals utilized as well as the finish will determine how happy you will be long-term. When looking […]

AEM Performance Electronics: Quiet Is The New Loud

Merriam-Wester has defined hot rodding as ‘automobiles rebuilt or modified for high speed and fast acceleration.’ Hot rodding was birthed with flathead Fords and ‘gow jobs.’ Big blocks followed, and small blocks, the rise of high-performance forced induction 4-cylinders, LS swaps, and the like all revealed themselves as harbingers of the next iteration of hot […]

Carburetor Vs Fuel Injection For Your Classic Car

Is it worth the trouble, time and money to install fuel injection on your classic car? This is a question a lot of classic car owners are asking these days. With so many options on the market, price, performance, ease of installation, and last but certainly not least, looks. How do you decide? What Is […]